Are you a big fan of backgammon!?
Do you like real-time match-up with other players around the world!?
Are you looking for something fun to kill time!?
Or are you rather seeking for something thrilling!?

Well whatever the reason that you got here, you came to the right site!
Check out BackgammonAce, a new mobile phone app now available for FREE on Google Play and App Store.

iPhone & iPad




Backgammon Ace is an app that makes use of world-class artificial intelligence to help you play a fun, speedy online match. With fantastic graphics and a clean user interface, you can go head to head with players from all over the world. Can you be the best!?

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Enjoy backgammon with friends and players around the world!
Don’t know the rules? No worries!!
Whether you are a novice or an expert, BackgammonAce has its original function that helps you master this game and reach the top of amazing players world-wide.
Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean.
So get your tablets and smart phones ready now for BackgammonAce produced by HEROZ, Inc.

How is BackgammonAce so special?
1. Real-time match-up!!
With BackgammonAce, you can enjoy playing with friends and players chosen randomly around the world, whenever and wherever you are!
2. “Ace” function, with the world-class Artificial Intelligence among all existing backgammon games
Ace function shows you the best moves to take when you need assistance. It will help you gain experiences and skills to master this game as you play.
3. Watch, learn and bet on other players’ games
You can watch games of expert players live to learn how they win. You also have the chance to gain extra bonus by making bets on one of the players.
4. Replay your previous games
You can replay all of your previous games to study your own moves and that of the opponent’s.
5. Check your scores and ratings
You can always check your scores and ratings from top page.