<Special Collaboration>

Preliminary round of the “Japan Open” hosted by JBL is to be held on BackgammonAce!
・Player ranked the 1st is eligible to take part in the finals of the championship!
・Players ranked the 1st in each ranking will receive JBL membership.


You will compete for the best Event pt set up excusively for this event during the event period. Players ranked high will receive Japan Ace title and get the BAC point!
This event is aimed to bring additional excitement and attention to "Japan Open" to be held from 10 to 12 October.
Come and check out Japan Open 2015!
Let's check the Japan Open as well as Japan Ace.
Let's aim for the Japan Ace champion and the BAC world champion!
Enjoy playing BackgammonAce with everybody! Invite your friends to share this excitement!

■Event Reward
1st: No.1 Title of Japan Ace. Special frame with the precious Japan Ace title


2nd - 10th: Special frame with the precious Japan Ace title
All participants: original Japan frame

■Time Period

・Sep. 25, 08:00 - Oct. 5, 08:00, 2015 (UTC)


・Ranking will be fixed based on the ranking specifically set up for Japan Ace2015.
Event point = Event Rating + ErrorRate Title point
Event Rating: starts from 1500.
ErrorRate Title pt: the sum of top 100 points obtained from ErrorRate in each game. Please note that only winning games will count. Lost games will not count.
Points that can be obtained in each game from ErrorRate Title are as follows:
    -ErrorRate 0.0000-0.5000 : 10pt/game
    -ErrorRate 0.5000-1.0000 : 9pt/game
    -ErrorRate 1.0000-2.0000 : 8pt/game
    -ErrorRate 2.0000-4.0000 : 7pt/game
    -ErrorRate 4.0000-6.0000 : 6pt/game
    -ErrorRate 6.0000-8.0000 : 5pt/game
    -ErrorRate 8.0000-10.000 : 4pt/game
    -ErrorRate 10.000-15.000 : 3pt/game
    -ErrorRate 15.000-20.000 : 2pt/game
    -ErrorRate 20.000-            : 0pt/game

・What are CR, BR and E on Nordic Ace2015 event ranking.
  CR: Current Event Rating
  BR: Best Event Rating
  E: ErrorRate Title pt

Both results of 3 minute mode and 10 minute mode will be reflected to ranking.