The champion of BAC World Tour ”UK Open Ace2015” will win a prize of the Premium Membership of The UK Backgammon Federation (UKBGF)!!

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<Collaboration Rule>


You will compete for the best Event pt set up excusively for this event during the event period. Players ranked high will receive UK Open Ace title and get the BAC point!
This event is aimed to bring additional excitement and attention to "UK Open 2015" to be held from 4th to 6th September.
Come and check out UK Open 2015!
Let's check the UK Open as well as UK Open Ace.
Let's aim for the UK Open Ace champion and the BAC world champion!
Enjoy playing BackgammonAce with everybody! Invite your friends to share this excitement!

■Event Reward
Player who joins UK Open Ace2015 and wins the game will receive UKBGF Premium membership!

*About UKBGF Premium Membership
・It is a special prize for the champion of UK Open Ace.
・It is available to the residents of UK only.
・If the winner is a non-resident of UK or is already a member of UKBGF, player who is ranked next will receive the prize.

■Registration Period

Until 8:00 on 6 September, 2015 (UTC)


・Ranking is based on the Event pt of UK Open Ace2015.
Event pt = Event Rating + ErroRate pt
Event Rating: all players begin from 1500.
ErroRate pt: total score of the 100 best points obtained from ErrorRate in every game.
Points obtained from ErrorRate per game is as follows:
  -ErrorRate 0.0000-0.5000 : 10pt/game
  -ErrorRate 0.5000-1.0000 : 9pt/game
  -ErrorRate 1.0000-2.0000 : 8pt/game
  -ErrorRate 2.0000-4.0000 : 7pt/game
  -ErrorRate 4.0000-6.0000 : 6pt/game
  -ErrorRate 6.0000-8.0000 : 5pt/game
  -ErrorRate 8.0000-10.000 : 4pt/game
  -ErrorRate 10.000-15.000 : 3pt/game
  -ErrorRate 15.000-20.000 : 2pt/game
  -ErrorRate 20.000- : 0pt/game

What are CR, BR and E on UK Open Ace event ranking.
  CR: Current Event Rating
  BR: Best Event Rating
  E: ErrorRate pt

・Players will match-up with all available players and the calculation of Rating and ErrorRate will be the same as that of regular online match-ups of BackgammonAce.

・Ranking at the end of the event will be the player's final result. It will be officially confirmed a few hours after the event is over.

・If players end up with the same Event pt., the one with higher Rating gets higher in ranking.

■UKBGF(The UK Backgammon Federation)
Ukbgf logo full
The UKBGF is the most exciting development in British backgammon for many years. The UKBGF Board is working to grow the game of backgammon for the benefit of all players. A set of clear objectives, to be achieved by 2017, can be found on the UKBGF website: